22. Ryan Davis Canguro Racing – Part 2 of 2

There are two huge take homes from this interview. 
1. From Part 1 was the importance of finding a career that you love

2. From Part 2 is the importance of hobbies and interests for balance

Ryan Davis, has a great group of friends and teammates.  All are successful in their careers and in life. Our theory at Steelyard Academy is that people who are successful, find hobbies and interests that bring them balance. For this group of attorneys, business owners, software engineers, doctors, dentists and more, Canguro Racing has brought a sense of balance and accomplishment.  Stephen Covey would often talk about “personal victories” and how they carry over to other facets of life.  This carry over success this is very true in the of Canguro Racing. Except when it comes to drinking chocolate milk right before driving the most jarring dirt race on the planet, the Baja 1000.  That’s a bit of an inside joke.  Please enjoy the rest of the story and rate us on the podcast app.