28. Matt Davis – Salesman/Trainer and Co-Founder of Steelyard Academy

Matt Davis, one of the original founders of Steelyard Academy, speaks in this episode from personal experience about a very important and timely topic: How to cope with and overcome anxiety and depression. After a long and successful career in sales across multiple industries, Matt knows the pressure that comes from a demanding career. More than that, his personal life experiences have also brought stress and anxiety causing events that, at times, felt debilitating. Through forging balance and finding peace in his personal life with his wife and four children, enjoying success in his career, and finding fulfillment in his service in his church and community, Matt has learned and developed ways to overcome the challenges of depression and anxiety that so often find a way into our lives. Matt shares these important and powerful tools in today‚Äôs episode. #anxiety #stress #balancepodcast #forgingsuccess #steelyardacademy #depression #success #expectations #principles #relationships #sales #balance