4. Chad Cole – Crossfit Apollo and Habitap.com

Chad Cole is the owner of Crossfit Apollo and Founder of Habitap.com, a Crossfit Games Competitor and a family man. This interview was an amazing opportunity to” tug on Superman’s cape” so to speak. Chad is a model of having a vision that includes failure as a predecessor to success.  He is a model of someone who is quick to observe what is going on around him. This ability to observe and connect with the people he serves, whether it is his family, or an Apollo member or those he has competed against has created an environment for success in his personal life, family life and in his career.  Chad’s focuses in this interview include:

  • Having an intuitive and educated approach to motivating himself and others
  • Turning failure to success
  • Being genuine with others
  • Genuine Feedback
  • Genuine Approach
  • Keeping momentum in order to be more successful
  • One on One interaction is key to success
  • Environment, Relationships, Character

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