41. Dave Lowell – Certified Financial Planner

Whether it is good, bad, or even ugly, we all have a relationship with money. At Steelyard Academy we talk about how principles will change our lives more than any tool or application. Dave Lowell has dedicated his life to discussing and educating others about financial principles that will help them achieve success and balance in their lives. Come listen to and apply this principle-first approach to finances and you will experience your financial well being and relationships improve. 

Dave Lowell is a Certified Financial Planner and Financial Coach for Millennials. He is passionate about helping young people sort through their own false beliefs and improve their relationship with money along with helping them create a money strategy for their lives. He has worked with thousands of people sorting through their financial challenges and bringing greater unity and harmony to couples. He is also actively engaged in bringing financial literacy to high schools across the U.S.

For more information, you can find Dave on LinkedIn @thedavelowell, where he regularly creates content to educate on money and life.