Near Rocks, Far Rocks

All highly successful people have identified a vision for their lives. They are intensely goal oriented and self-disciplined. Steelyard Academy will provide you with the knowledge and tools to help you cultivate a vision by forging…


Setting and achieving goals is an essential part of creating and achieving your life’s successes. Despite the importance, few understand how to effectively choose, set, and pursue goals. We will prepare you to change your life through the pursuit of your life goals.


To be successful balancing multiple work, family and personal demands, you must identify and set your priorities. Doing so helps maintain a clear focus on achieving our desired success. We will instruct you on ways to identify and set your professional and personal priorities in a way that will bring focus.


No matter the challenges you face in your professional or personal life, having a vision helps you stay focused on why you are doing the things you’re doing. We will work with you to identify and sharpen your vision to ensure your life path is headed in the direction you desire.

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