Escape Velocity

Escape Velocity is, simply put, the speed or effort required to go from an initial starting point to boundless possibilities. The start to any new creative process always requires a significant amount of sustained energy. Steelyard Academy will provide you with the knowledge and tools to draw upon your own motivation and strength to sustain the effort by forging…


Success is obtained by those who learn to give and sustain a consistent and high level of effort to what they want to accomplish. We will help provide you the needed discipline and motivation to needed to acquire the success you seek.


Escape velocity demands the strength required for sustained physical or mental activity that leads to success. We will train you to build and maintain this strength that will carry you and those you surround yourself with to success.


Sadly, there are many who fail to understand the importance of motivation. Motivation will increase commitment, satisfaction, efficiency and inspire ongoing development. We will give you the skills to foster motivation in yourself and others that will lead to success.

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