Be Where You Are

In a world filled with worthy distractions, how do you remain focused and present in the moments that will make the most difference in your life and in the lives of those around you? Steelyard Academy will give you key insights to renew your outlook as a leader and team member by forging…​


In order to Be Where You Are, you must first have clarity and knowledge of your surroundings and experiences. We will help you forge the skills you need to be aware and focused on the environment and people around you.


To Be Where You Are requires commitment, devotion, loyalty and dedication. We will help you to forge this focus and these qualities.  


Perhaps most of all, to Be Where You Are demands that you be mental focused and present in your current environment. We will teach you the knowledge and skills that will help you be in the moment and stay there.

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Escape Velocity

Faster You Go Faster

Near Rock, Far Rocks

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