Steelyard Balance

One of the things that makes life so fulfilling, is the people we encounter and build relationship with along the way. People are the most valuable part of any organization, including in our own lives. Steelyard Academy will provide you the knowledge and tools that will help you create purposeful relationships with the people you surround yourself by forging…


Accuracy is how close something is to its true value or goal.  Think of how close an arrow is to hitting the bullseye.  Precision is the ability to repeat the event.  Think of an arrow hitting the same place multiple times.  It is possible to be accurate and not precise as well as precise and not accurate.  Success and balance is measured by our ability to be both precise and accurate.   Exactness is accuracy plus precision.   


The success or failure of any task or project largely depends on the expectations of those involved. This subjective uncertainty can lead to frustration and failure if not managed. We will train how to set, manage, and effectively communication expectations in a manner that will increase the likelihood of success.


Providing selfless service is one of the hardest things you will ever do as a partner or leader. It requires competence and a willingness to sacrifice. Ask yourself if you want loyalty from those around you because of what you can do for them or to them. We will instruct you to be the type of leader that provides the selfless service that will inspire all those you choose to serve.

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