30. Fred Roberts – NBA Veteran

We had the privilege of speaking with Fred Roberts this week. Fred played power forward for 13 seasons during one of the best eras in NBA history and played with and against some of the all-time great players such as Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan. His time playing basketball at the highest level of the game taught Fred many lessons that he shares with us here. Lessons such as:    

  • How to seek and find positive mentors;
  • How hard work impacts our ability to adjust to hard, new environments (high school to college, and college to the pros, and from the pros to post basketball life);
  • How to maintain balance while ascending to the top of his profession;
  • How to identify which leadership styles were positive and negative and how to thrive in both and how to personally develop into a leader; 
  • Learn the importance of proper game preparation from Larry Bird; and most importantly
  • How to avoid having Michael Jordan score 50 points on you in one game.

Whether you love basketball or not, you will love this interview.  Fred is both candid and wise in his discussion with us. His experiences while playing in the NBA and throughout his entire life provided him countless opportunities to apply timeless, unchanging principles which helped him forge success at the highest levels. Come listen and learn how you can apply those same principle to forge that same level of success for yourself. 
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