31. Rob Barrick – The Whispering Pines Story – From a Mansion to a Covered Wagon

If you were a dentist with a thriving practice, a 6,000 square foot home on a golf course, and a bright future, what would make you leave it all behind?Rob Barrick, came home for dinner one day to find his family playing a game called “High and Low”. This is where each person talks about the best and worst part of the day.  He liked it, and asked when they had started doing this daily ritual. “Oh, about six months ago”, came the reply from Rob’s wife, Christy.  This conversation came as a surprise to Rob as he quickly realized that despite all of the financial and career success, his life had gotten out of balance.  After many conversations, Rob and Christy and their family rediscovered their “Far Rock Vision  https://www.steelyardacademy.com/near-rocks-far-rocks/.  They came up with a wild idea that would rebalance their family and bring them true success. In the “Whispering Pines Story,” you will discover from Rob, what it means to “Forge Success Through Balance”. However, it may challenge what you think success really is. 

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